Cat Behavior Consultant


There are plenty of dog trainers, but few cat behavioral  specialists. To answer this need, I have added professional  animal training to my lifelong experience with cats. 

Most often, behavioral issues can be addressed by looking into your cat's overall environment.  Assessing the environment and addressing the needs of your cat properly can resolve many issues.  This is something I have had to deal with in my own house, cat sitting client homes, and helping owners train their own cats.  

From litter box problems to making sure all of your cats get along, I can help you and your cats live together in harmony.


  • 10 years experience as a Professional Pet Sitter

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1 Hour In-Home Consultation:   Typically a one-hour session. You’ll receive a questionnaire to complete and return in advance of your scheduled time that will help us make the most of your session. We will discuss the issues you are having with your cat and the goals you wish to accomplish. There will be homework to complete before another session is scheduled.  These consultations are scheduled weekends between the hours of 9am-5pm.

Beth Pasek, Cat Behavior Consultant, and her cat Lucy.  Photo by: Greg Murray Studios

Beth Pasek, Cat Behavior Consultant, and her cat Lucy.  Photo by: Greg Murray Studios

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