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Your cat sitter is crazy about cats and realizes not every pet sitter or dog walker understands cats.  Cats and their owners are a special species and many require extra pawsoft care.  

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Cat Sitter Near Me

We don't have the "cat call" pricing, because we don't see sitting quietly and getting to know your cat as a waste of time.  Your furbaby is just as important as any other family pet.  If you have ever had a pet sitter say they never saw your cat, did you really get what you paid them for?

Cat Behavior

Feline Behaviorist, Cat Behaviorist, Dog Trainer

Your pet sitter has extensive experience.  I have volunteered as a cat foster, managed a feral colony,  and will be Fear Free Certified.  I have extensive knowledge of  The Cat's Mind  from Dr. Bruce Fogel's book.   Beth Pasek   has experience in real-life implementing Ohio State's guidelines from their Indoor Cat Initiative. 

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Our reservation system is online virtually 24/7.  You can login in through your pet portal, make reservations, update pet details, cancel pending visits, even check the status of a cat sitter's visit for that day!  No more notes when you come home, no more worrying if the pet sitter actually showed up.  You will have a report emailed to you within minutes of the visit completion. 

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Daily visits include photos of your feline wherever they may be.  These fabulous photos are delivered to you directly in your email after every cat sitter visit.  


We often attend workshops, cat shows, and local cat oriented events. We'd love to have you join us and me our cat sitter team!

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