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Why Cat Furniture?

Cat Furniture Doesn't Have to be Ugly!


As you consider the possibilities for providing a climbing, playing and lounging space for your cat, consider enhancing their environment with one or more pieces of cat furniture.  Here are some of the many benefits that cat furniture can provide:

Scratching Opportunities

Choose cat furniture with sisal rope posts, vertical and 45 degree angles, and horizontal pads!  Cats instinctively scratch to mark their territory and to stretch their beautiful, athletic bodies right down to their toe beans.


Most cats enjoy observing their world from high vantage points.  Perching places allow them to observe their world, target prey, and stay safe from predators.  Giving your cat their own perching place can help keep them redirected off areas less desirable.


Especially in multi-cat homes, vertical space creates more territory.  Think of it like creating mini-cat condos for each cat.


Providing extra territory to your existing space creates a chance for cats to explore and engage in cat ways!  This can be fun for your cat and quite entertaining for you to watch as they expand their horizons.

Decorative and Custom

Modern styles call for modern cat furniture.  Gone are the days of the ugly cat tree hogging up the view in a highly prized window.  Search around the web and you may discover there's beautiful options available.  Many looking like works of art...graced with the beauty of a cat.  May we suggest...Tuft & Paw?


Start small and expand overtime.  Adding new components or cat furniture one piece at a time is a great way to keep your finicky feline engaged within their territory.

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If you are looking for cat furniture that matches your lifestyle and is functional for your feline, check out Tuft & Paw!