Cat Sitting Basics

Luna answer the cat sitting questions!

Do you require a Meet & Greet?

Some new clients are surprised we still require a meet & greet.  Well there's a few important reasons we do this.  We want you to show us those hiding spots, food locations, and litter box areas.  We want to spend time with you and your cats getting to know them.  And if they don't come out at the consult, we'll leave behind an item with our scent on it to be placed in their favorite sleeping spots as a scent exchange. 

Are you bonded and insured?

YES!  We are fully bonded and insured.  In fact, we don't use contractors or subcontractors either.  All cat sitters are employees of Finicky.  Your benefit is they are covered if they should be injured while in your home or by your cat.

How does the cat sitter get keys to my property?

We ask that you have 2 keys ready for us when we conduct the Meet & Greet.  Those keys will be coded with your pet profile number.  Why 2 keys?  A spare key is never a bad idea!

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards securely through our reservation system.  All visits must be paid in advance to secure your reservations.

Will you visit my cat every other day?

There are a couple reasons why we cannot do every-other-day visits pet sitting visits. It is a safety issue. We have seen instances where kitties have gotten themselves into unusual places and they need assistance to get out – got themselves trapped in a closet or bathroom, for instance. As well, cats are very good at hiding illnesses. A lot can change in 48 hours and by that time, it may even be too late for medical intervention at a vet. We visit every 24 hours to make sure kitty is healthy and has access to their food and water. .

Do you administer medicatons?

 We have experience in administering various forms of medications (as long as the cat is willing). NOTE: If your cat is on any medications, we may request a trial run. Regular rates will apply for this visit.