Cat Sitting Services

The Cat Sit


 Our cat sit visits start at 30 minutes or longer depending on the needs of the cat!  This time allowance provides for routine care like food, water, fountain cleaning, medications, litter box cleaning and general home care.  Those general duties completed,  we then put that extra time into just being with your beloved feline.  Whether it is playing, snuggling, or simply sitting quietly waiting for them to come out and say hello or be seen.  As we all know there's no rushing a cat to do anything it isn't ready to do. 


Many cats do enjoy that our visits have a slowed down pace.  Clients have often reported watching our pet sitters sitting on the sofa, sipping tea and their normally frightened of strangers cat...jumping up to curiously sniff out their new feline best friend.  

All this comes with no up-charges for medications being given or extra time spent giving your furbaby extra lap time.  

Visits start at $20 for up to 3 felines. 

The Ultimate Purrjama Pawty


This is the ultimate choice for those super friendly felines!  It's a kitty overnight visit with the pet sitter.  

We arrive between 8pm-10pm and stay until 8am the next day.  Service includes food, water, litter, medications and all the tender loving care your cat needs.  

Specifically created for those cats that are needy, kittens, or super seniors who benefit from having someone keeping them comfy and warm at night.

Plus you have the added benefit of your home looking truly occupied while you are away.

10 hours -$100

12 hours- $120

Cat Walking/Catio Time

Catio, Cat Sitter Cleveland

Seriously!  Cat Walking?  You are kidding me, right?

Nope we're not!  We offer cat walking to those clients who have cats trained to a kitty harness.  Now, we know that cat walking is vastly different than walking the dog, but a stroll through the backyard garden and a chance to chase a few bugs truly brightens these particular feline's visit.  

If you have a secure Catio we are delighted to allow them supervised access while we're there too.   

$10 per half-hour as part of an already planned cat sitting visit.

Online Booking

Reserve you cat sitter online.  Cleveland Pet Sitter

  • You can book your pet sitter online  24/7 from the convenience of your computer.  
  • You can review the status of ANY completed cat sitting visit through your pet portal or directly in your daily email updates.  
  • Those updates will have a note from your cat sitter how things are going, a picture of your cat/cats, and the GPS map showing exactly where they were during your visit.

Cat Behavior Consultations

Pet Sitter Cleveland

Are you having behavior issues with your cat or clowder?  

Maybe a chat with Beth Pasek could help resolve some of those issues.  

Beth is now taking Cat Behavior clients.  




Cat Sitting in Lakewood

 Never worry about your pets or your home when away. - Caring and loves animals. - The team is trained to give meds or other special care. - When I had an emergency and couldn't get home they jumped in and said not to worry. - Always reliable. - Excellent communication. - Great website. Book and pay online. - Best in town. True that.   

~~T. Dalton, Lakewood Ohio