The Cat's on My Keyboard!

Do You Really Speak Meow?

You and I both know not everyone speaks Meow.  In fact, one of the most neglected pets a pet sitter often deals with at vacation time is the family feline.   This happens for a number of reasons that are completely understandable.  We have been conditioned to think the cat is an independent creature and setting up the auto-feeder and perpetual water fountain is enough to get by on for a few days. 

Take a look at that warm, furry, purring creature in your lap right now.  That lovable creature right now is showing you she needs you, she's giving you purrs at a level of companionship, she trusts you and when you leave for an extended period of time do you ever wonder what she thinks after 24 hours alone?  How about 36 hours alone?  Or heaven forbid the entire weekend with no one checking in on her or worse a pet sitter who just drops in and fills the food bowl, refreshes the water and scoops?  And the report you get back is the pet sitter/friend never saw the cat?  

It happens far more than you will ever know.

 Recently, we had the pleasure of taking care of Molly.  Molly had the same pet sitter for YEARS.  The previous experienced pet sitter/dog trainer never saw Molly...ever!  Can you imagine the client's surprise when we sent her this video while she was on vacation?   

Molly's Coming Out Party!

We worked hard to gain Molly's trust.  Even her owner doubted we'd ever see her and in fact had workmen in the home a few days before she left.  Her cat was freaked out by the men and it took her hours to coax Molly out of the basement rafters.  So, when we arrived for the pet sit, Molly hid in the one place no one ever looked, a tiny cubby hole up in the basement rafters!  

Having had our initial consultation where I left behind my scent item, I felt confident Molly would venture out.  We had worked with the owner to set the environmental stage ahead of time for a successful cat sitting experience.       

Why Hire Us as your cat sitter?

Why Hire Us as your cat sitter? 

Cats and Pills

Beth Pasek, owner of Finicky, gives a multiple of tips for pilling a cat.  It really is easier than you think if you think like your cat! 


Can your cat sitter handle insulin injections?

Saving Monte's Life

 Did you know, the pet sitters at Finicky  can check your pet's blood glucose!

We are experienced diabetic cat caregivers.   And Beth owns, fosters, and works with clients of diabetic cats to help rescue these extra special sweet pets.  We know about diabetic diets, the importance of being on time, the role activity plays in how to manage blood glucose levels.  We can even do insulin injections without your pet ever knowing they just got their shot  in most cases.


Newly diagnosed owners:  Yes, you can learn to do all this too!  We will gladly show you how to give the shot, test your pet and help you manage your pet for the best possible outcome!  

 How important do we think home testing is?


We had a visit with one of our feline diabetic clients.  We test each pet before we give them their shot.  Saturday night our client's cat had only a blood glucose reading of 38!  The cat did not appear to be hypoglycemic, but his number sure indicated he would be showing symptoms soon!

Any other pet sitter would have never even known how to check his blood glucose!  They likely would have just fed him and gave him another 4 units on insulin!  And I would be afraid what the owner would have come home too. 


Instead though, they had Beth, our most experienced pet sitter and diabetic cat rescuer doing their visit.  She knew instinctively what to do to prevent a full blown hypoglycemic event!  And that was more than just rushing the cat to the Emergency Room Vet!  She knew how to get appropriate treatment started before ever needing to rush out the door with him.

The simple fact is most people don't know what to do, not all pet sitters would realize the danger our client's cat was in.  But thanks to our experience in dealing with diabetic pets, our client's pet was safe, secure and did not need to go to the emergency room vet because we know how to monitor the cat to insure a sufficient recovery until their food kicks in.    

All of this you too can learn to do for your pet and the pet sitters from Finicky can show how! 

Learn More

If you have a newly diagnosed diabetic cat, we highly recommend visiting Feline Diabetes and their support group message boards.


The message board (the FDMB) is an invaluable resource for cat owners, just like you. There is always someone online, even in the middle of the night, that can help talk you through a difficult time. Information is shared, support groups abound, treatment is optimized