Cat Sitters Who Speak Meow!


Why Cats Only?

Right now the pet sitting industry is being turned upside down .  If you are a cat owner you have likely had the trauma of trying locate a CAT sitter.  You've been to half a dozen websites and it really feels like their for the dogs! 

Well most of them are for the dogs.  Cats are considered a sideline business and most pet sitters don't really know what to do with a cat after scooping the litter box.


We address the environment your cat currently lives in and what to expect when you leave town from your pet sitter.  We look at each cat differently as the unique individuals that they are.  Science tells us that when cat's have a change in routine care givers it causes them a good deal of stress.  Our environmental program addresses those issues before you ever pull out your suitcase to leave.

During our visits we will: 

  •  We will cheerfully fill bird feeders
  •  Tune into Cat TV on Youtube 
  • Have Alexa play soothing cat music
  • Allow them Catio time or window time
  • Let them drink from the bathroom tap
  • Whatever they enjoy doing let us know during your free consultation and we'll be sure to include it in their care plan for their cat sitter. 


We work hand in hand with both Beth Pasek, a  well versed cat owner/consultant.  We also consult with a Certified Cat Behavior Consultant to address any current or ongoing concerns you may have for your felines.  

Specialized Cat Care

Every cat visit isn't easy.  Sometimes owners need someone who frankly, knows what the heck they are doing.  While we can provide sitters who can give medication (pills/liquid), administer insulin shots safely, they are also trained to recognize illness behaviors and stress responses.  These important skills go beyond basic first aid and insure your cat is safe, happy, and healthy.  In the event your cat is showing signs of illness your cat sitter is prepared to take prompt action as needed.  


It may simply be lap cuddling each evening, or sharing a pillow on the bed at night with their cat sitter. Sitting quietly with a cat’s adoring gaze from across the room says volumes. 

Training with your cat.  While you are gone your cat may become bored out of their skull.  We'll endeavor to teach them a few tricks or set up hunting games for them to enjoy while no one is around.

We may bring in some fresh catnip or cat grass to brighten their visits.

And no visit would be complete without your cat getting a complimentary kitty massage!