Preparing for your Cat Sitter


Things your cat sitter will need

While we do maintain very detailed information in your pet profile that we access through our app on our smartphones, we always appreciate the owner who leaves extra notes!  I have even seen a few clients put up post-it notes on their multiple lights switches so we know what turns on what!

Leave a light on. Leave a small hall light or kitchen light on so when your pet sitter comes in, they’ll know where to go.  Remember, this isn’t their house and they aren’t familiar with it.

Leave cleaning products out. You don’t want your pet sitter rummaging through your cabinets and closets trying to find an old rag and stain remover.  In fact, most pet sitters will want to clean-up not only after your pet, but also after themselves.  Wiping down counters, sinks, and vacuuming or mopping a muddy the floor are pretty standard expectations.

Leave everything they need out so the pet sitter can see it. This includes medicine, treats, leash, and favorite toys.  Brooms and dustpans too.

Make sure you have everything your pet will need while you are gone. You don’t want the pet sitter running out of cat food because you didn’t have enough!  Leave out enough for an extra visit or two in case you run into travel delays.

Put away private items while we are bonded and insured, it just is common sense to not leave private items or documents laying around on your coffee table or kitchen counters, while you are gone.

Put our phone number in your phone.  We understand you are on vacation, but there may be times we need to be able to reach you.  Your pet gets sick, your house is burglarized, your basement flooded etc.  While you are entrusting us with the general care of your home, we need to be able to notify you while you are away.  If you are going to be unavailable then be sure your backup has our information and will answer their phone when we call.

Have a  LOCAL backup   Most the time a backup won’t be needed, but you never know what’s going to happen. There could be a snow storm, car accident, or flooded basement!   You could use a neighbor or family member.  And be sure to leave them keys as well!