Christmas Gifts for Cats

Best Christmas Gifts for Cats

Your kitty has been good all year long or  maybe they've been a little naughty and nice?  Does it really matter if you want to spoil your cat at Christmas?  We don't think so!  Just take a look at the range of products available and it is clear to see there's a dizzing amount available!  The question is....which one will they really, really like?  

Well we've done some window shopping and we've curated the very best in cat products around.  All of which are sure to please the finickiest of felines this year.  And who doesn't like a super special gift from Saint Purry?  

All the images are linked to the vendor's website, so curl up with your furbaby and flip through some beautiful cat furniture to booking a day at the cat styling salon in Lakewood, Ohio.  We have your fancy feline covered for all the gifts they would adore. 

Best Christmas Gifts for Cats (click pics)

Modern Cat Funiture

Indigo Cat Bed from Tuft and Paw

If it's feeling like it is time to upgrade the cat look in your home, check out the beautiful style from Tuft & Paw!   Our cat beds come in a variety of designs, stylish enough to make sense as furniture for your home. 

K & H Thermo-Kitty Bed

K & H Thermo-Heated Cat Cuddle cup

 The affordable choice for every cat. Similar to our Thermo‐Kitty Bed, this plush cuddle up bed incorporates our super energy efficient 4‐watt heater into a low wall, affordable design. With all the amenities of our best selling Thermo‐Kitty Bed, this one is sure to please even the most demanding of pets.  

KitNip Box Subscription

KitNip Box Monthly Subscription

 KitNipBox includes unique items designed to keep your cat happy, healthy, and fit.  Examples include fun cat toys, delicious treats, must-have accessories, health and hygiene products, innovative gadgets and awesome surprises.

Cat Behavior Webinar

Cat listening to webinar

Looking for something for both of you?  Why not consider signing up for 3 Free Cat Behavior Webinars!

  • Preventing Litter Box Problems
  • Kitten Socialization
  • Destructive Scratching 


Register Now before December 24th before the FREE deadline!

Creature Comforts Cat Styling Salon

Creature Comforts Cat Styling Salon

What cat wouldn't love a day with THE Master Cat Groomer!  Kim is the President and Founder of the PCGAA, author of several cat grooming books and grooming magazine articles as well as a sought after grooming industry speaker, teacher and judge.  To ensure a stress free environment for your cat, she only schedules one client at a time.  You can book with Kim directly through her Facebook Page!  

Toys From the Cat Show

Karraway Q Toys

These are the toys I often use when I visit your furbabies.  You don't find this stuff in the pet stores!  You have to go out to the cat shows to find them!  My favorite vendor only has a Facebook page, but her cat toys are top notch!  Made to stand up to the feistiest of felines.   

You may need to check her show schedule or call her if you have something particular in mind.  

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